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My Arahitogami Romance


◇◇You can enjoy this game until the end, for free!! ◇◇◇◇This sweet and heartrending Romance App Drama paints the love story between you and the gods of Japanese Mythology!!◇◇◇◇You are the heroine! You take on the role of the heroine and experience a romance with the gods of Japanese Mythology!◇◇■■Synopsis■■You visited Shinto Shrines every day.One day you eventually visit a shrine over a thousand times.At that moment three gods appear before you. They tell you that they will grant any one wish of yours.Now your long awaited desire to have a romantic relationship with your superior at work, Hikaru Abe, can come true!Here begins a slapstick comedy romance that will make you laugh, cry, and enjoy a good fight scene!
■■Characters■■◆【Superior at Work with a Dual-Personality】Hikaru Abe“I thought you would make a good mom someday.”Age: 30 Height: 175cmHikaru has a refreshing personality he shows to everyone else, but actually has a darker personality he starts to show you. He is your superior at work. He is good with people, has good results at work, and those around him have expectations of him. You secretly admire him until the day you learn his image is only the face he shows people. He actually has quite the nasty side to him. He kindly interacts with those who he sees as having some sort of merit to him, but the moment he decides they aren’t of any use he treats them roughly. His treatment of you changes as he decides whether you are someone of value to him or not.
◆【A Kind and Gentlemanly God 】Amenominakanushi“The reason for my to always protect your smile.”Age: 28 (in appearance) Height: 180cmHe has a serious kind personality. He is the very first god you meet. He is gentle enough to be the one who understands you the most. However, he hates twisted things and despises human greed. He is considered the leader of the three gods. He loves peace above all else. Even when it comes to love, he prefers ‘pure love’ above any other type and loves the saying All Mankind is One.He is a philanthropist.
◆【Lively Mood-maker God 】Kamumusuhi“I promised I would protect you...I can’t break my promise now!”Age: 33 (in appearance) Height: 183cmHe plays the role of mood-maker among the three gods. He is a master of martial arts. He is especially good at judo and kendo. He has a passionate personality and is always moving around. He’s not great when it comes to things that require a lot of thought, but the power of his fervor helps him resolve any problem. He loves things that bring out enthusiasm in people and hates things that are warped. He is weak to things like dreams and youth, so he proactively cheers you on in your endeavor to find love. He hasn’t shown any interest in becoming the head god as he prioritizes what he wants to do first.
◆【Calm and Cool Headed God 】Takamimusuhi“I guess...if I were to put it in your words...well, wouldn’t it be love?”Age: 23 (in appearance) Height: 165cmHe is a flirt and a womanizer. He may be a god, but he loves games and Manga above all else. Appearance wise, he is cooler looking than any other god. He gives off a slight sense of depravity. Normally he acts cocky despite seeming younger than you, but when the time comes he is a strong ally to have on your side. He is generally enthralled by cute girls, games, and Manga. He doesn’t show an interest in anything else, but he also has a truly kind personality that won’t let him overlook a person in need.
You can choose from a variety of characters based on your preferences!…Who will you start living a mysterious life with?